Learning at Premier Nursery

When you are little everyday is a learning experience and at Premier Nursery we make those experiences magical, memorable and fun!

At our nursery your child can explore the delights of being a child whilst discovering that learning for life is fun and fascinating.

What will my child learn?

Premier Nursery is dedicated to providing the very best child care on all levels. Personal development is an integral part of the day; we structure every day so that each child can learn through play. We encourage each child to:

  • To grow in confidence and to feel secure in the new environment.
  • To work with other children and adults (working alongside others, sharing, taking turns).
  • To communicate and express ideas and feelings.
  • To accept new challenges.
  • To control pencil, brush and scissors (to develop hand/eye co-ordination).
  • To develop pre-reading skills and the love and understanding of books.
  • To use mathematical language (long, short, heavy, light, taller than, shorter than).
  • To estimate (how many cups of water will fill a container).
  • To explore possibilities (will it sink? Will it float? What will happen if?).
  • To examine the natural world (growing and living things).
  • To start to understand time and place (long ago – in ‘olden days’, abroad – polar ice caps to the equator).
  • To make their own decisions, to work towards independence.
  • To practise their physical skills and have fun.

Growing and Learning

The aim of our nurseries is to provide an ideal environment for your child to grow, and develop in an atmosphere of warmth, security and care. In this safe environment your child will flourish and will be encouraged to learn through play and given every opportunity to reach their full potential at their own pace. Daily planning ensures we meet the individual development needs of each child and closely follow the government’s guidelines for Early Years Foundation Stage.

What is the Early Years Foundation Stage and how will it benefit my child?

Here is a short explanation to help you understand and hopefully see why our nurseries follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. The framework was set up by the government and was collaborated on by many leading professionals in the childcare field. The framework takes as its focus the ‘child’ and steers away from specific subjects and areas of experience and the more formal distinct curriculum headings. Instead it focuses on your child and the four aspects which celebrate the skill and competence of young children.

These four aspects are:

• A strong child

• A skilful communicator

• A competent learner

• A healthy child

Pre School Education

Here at Premier Nursery pre school education is paramount. How each child learns is surprisingly different. So we have designed our curriculum to focus on both early years educational needs and individual learning styles. We understand the importance of a healthy balance between adult led activities and child initiated play. Our school room layout encourages children to choose from a range of self directed or group activities and we organise our education around the six areas of the foundation stage curriculum.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The main focus of this stage is how children work, play and co-operate with others. An important aspect of social development is building relationships both with adults and other children as well as building an understanding and respect for other beliefs and cultures. We believe in encouraging an enthusiasm for learning, it is important to help the children develop their self confidence and to offer support to them during the introduction of new situations.

Creative Development

This focuses on the development of a child’s imagination, the ability to communicate and express ideas and feelings in a creative manner. The children can explore and share thoughts, feelings and ideas in many ways; painting, drawing, modelling, music, movement, dance and role play. We encourage children to explore sound, colour, texture, shape and dimensions.

Physical Development

This stage focuses on developing a child’s physical control, mobility, awareness of space and manipulative skills. Premier Nursery believes in establishing a positive attitude towards a healthy and active way of life. We will provide an abundance of both indoor and outdoor activities to allow the children to practice a full range of movements including balancing, running, hopping, skipping and catching.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

This focuses on developing a child’s knowledge and understanding of their environment, including other people and features of the man made and natural world. It is important for the children to question ‘why’ and ‘how’ to enable them to gain a greater understanding. We encourage children to share information about their families, past and present events in their lives. This section also covers the understanding of and interaction with living animals.

Communication, Language and Literacy

This section’s main focus is the child’s language and literacy development through speaking and listening. We encourage the children to expand their vocabulary in a variety of ways including learning about words and text, sing songs and listening to stories. We have a wide range of exciting books and a book corner where children can read individually or in a group.


This section focuses on the use of practical activities to enhance each child’s development of simple mathematical ideas such as; numbers, measurements, patterns, shapes and space. The children learn how to describe shape, position, size and quantity. As well as how to recognise and recreate patterns. The use of number rhymes, stories, and counting games all help familiarise the children with use of numbers. Activities are designed so that the children can compare, sort, match, order, sequence and count using every day objects.

Academic development is very important at all of the stages of development, but the route your child takes is unique. At Premier Nursery we provide every child with opportunities to discover, learn and grow in a fun, imaginative and exciting ways. Children’s experiences in the earliest years of their lives are critical to their subsequent development.

Special Educational Needs

Premier Nursery aims to have regard to the DfES (Department for Education and Skills) Code of Practice on special educational needs and also to follow the guidelines supplied to private and voluntary providers of pre-school education. We aim to provide a welcome, and appropriate learning opportunities, for all children.

We work closely with the children's parents in the group to ensure that;

• the group draws upon the knowledge and expertise of parents in planning provision for the child.

• the child's progress and achievements are shared and discussed with the parents on a regular basis.

• parents know the identity of the group's special educational needs co-ordinator.

• parents are aware of the arrangements for the admission and integration of children with special educational needs.

If it is felt that a child's needs cannot be met at Premier Nursery without additional personnel and/or equipment, funding will be sought to ensure that provision is appropriate to the child's needs. We work and liaise with the relevant professionals and agencies outside the group to meet children's specific needs.

If you would like to discuss the nursery’s ability to meet your child's special needs, please talk to a member of staff.