Premises & Equipment

When your child joins us you will be introduced to his/her key worker in one of the following rooms. The key worker will build a special relationship, take prime responsibility and will understand your child’s individual needs.
You will most likely find that the key worker becomes your child’s best friend! They will let you know at the end of the day what activities your child has been involved in, what progress they have made and what fun they have had during the day.

Premier Nursery offers care that meets the needs of children of different ages. We have a large range of toys, games, equipment and materials, including Information Computer Technology equipment. All pre-school activities are designed to promote holistic learning in full accordance with OFSTED guidelines.
We have numerous outdoor areas so that the children can play outside what ever the weather.

There is plenty of on-site car parking, available exclusively for users of Premier Nursery.

Baby Room

Babies from birth to 18 months are looked after by qualified staff in their own quiet & stimulating rooms filled with soft cushions, feeding chairs, cots, colourful displays and mobiles. This is a happy place with plenty of time for hugs & cuddles and a safe environment for when your baby starts to crawl and walk. We provide exciting daily activities to feed young imaginations we can guarantee plenty of love for all our babies!

Toddler Room

This is a place for your child to enjoy free play, group story time, singing sessions and structured play, promoting their social skills and satisfying their inquisitive minds. The nursery nurses that work with children in this age group are aware that you toddler needs someone to talk and listen to them at their own level. Every day is a new experience… sand, water, collages, building, baking, puzzles and the home corner are just a few of the activities your child will enjoy.

Pre-School Room

Premier Nursery pre school rooms offer stimulating, exciting activities to stretch skills and imagination and will give your child a head start for when they begin school. Our carers in pre school make children feel successful and very special and they are treated as respected individuals. High standards are achieved by implementing the Early Years Foundation Stage for all children aged between 2½ and 5 years old and the Early Years Goals are followed closely. These are communication, language and literacy, mathematical development, knowledge & understanding of the world, creative & physical development as well as personal, social and emotional development. This is an environment in which children will flourish and become more confident and independent with each day.